smovey WALKING

smovey WALKING activates 97% of all muscles. smoveyWALKING is closely related to Nordic walking and brisk walking. During smoveyWALKING exercises you are strengthen the arm muscles, the abdominal muscles, the thigh muscles and work on endurance.

Nordic Walking

The most effective cardiovascular workout Many doctors agree that Nordic walking is one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts because it works all major muscle groups in the body.


A Cutting-Edge Biotechnology Enterprise Offering an Innovative Wellness Solution. Protect your body's energy integrity & vitality from toxic EMF Radiation. Change your life and take your body & mind to the next level.
Weight/ Inch Loss

Passive Fat Reduction Therapy

Our unique, comprehensive weight loss system destroys fat cells, activates lymph flow, helps to eliminate bodily toxins, eliminates puffiness, and reduces fat. This service is customized for each client depending on body type and lifestyle. combination Hydraulic compression -oxygen vacuum slimming machine combined with Light Therapy, Infrared Anti-cellulite Roller Massage, and radiofrequency Skin Tightening.

The bellicon.

More than just a Trampoline! The ultimate fitness solution for an active, healthy lifestyle. Stress relief, strength building, cardio and much more. First-class trampoline made by passionate people.


Ozone sauna treatments is an easy & simple option for treating illnesses like asthma, diabetes or cancer through the strengthening of the immune system. It also increases energy, decreases stress levels, detoxifies, clears the skin and helps with weight loss. Helps prevent allergies. Fights infection, bacteria and viruses. Reduces oxidation levels, Improves circulation. Cell energizer

Pain & Injury Relief

Antje begins by carefully evaluating your posture and imbalances. A series of personal exercises and stretches, practiced regularly, will relieve your pain. Pain should NOT be a way of life!

ION*Intelligence of Nature

Level up your healthcare ritual! The ION* suite is founded on the principle of letting the intelligence of nature lead the way. ION* works to strengthen your gut, sinus, and skin barriers at a cellular level

Neurological Disorders

Parkinson's Treatment. Restabilize Your Body & Mind. Through regular exercise with the smovey the uniform resonance of the arms is trained and thus leads to an induced stabilization.

Weight & Inch Loss Solutions

Clean your blood and eliminate harmful toxins from your body! Rest your organs by proper nutrition, Stimulate your liver to get rid of toxins, Promote toxin elimination through feces, urine, and sweat, Improve circulation and Provide your body with healthy nutrients!