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How it Works

ZFIT is one of the most comprehensive programs for Mind, Body & Wellness. If you’ve struggled with other programs before, it’s time to try ZFIT's completely personalized and science-backed approach.

Introducing the newest ZFIT partnership with CENTROPIX, a cutting-edge biotechnology enterprise offering a innovative wellness solution

The very devices that we rely on to do our work for us, connect us with our loved ones, and simplify our lives are draining our energy and affecting our well-being. When you’re constantly exposed to these frequencies, it can disrupt your body’s natural processes, leaving you feeling sluggish, affecting your ability to perform, and reducing your sleep quality.

KLOUD: A Breakthrough, One-Of-A-Kind PEMA Technology Engineered To Support You Body‘s Natural, "Inner Doctor" And Recharge Your "Batteries". Activate The Universe’s Natural Bio-Resonance Within You And Elevate Your Body’s Energy And Performance In Just 15 Minutes A Day.

Introducing The unique ZRT-Therapy, exclusively at the ZFIT-Studio

ZRT stands for Zymphony Restorative Technique and is an efficient Deep Relaxation Treatment. This unique type of bodywork is integrating the passive smovey Vibroswing-System by massaging and relieving the lymphatic system. (=Detoxification)

This in connection with Lymphatic Drainage Massage /Shiatsu / Lomi Lomi / and Acupressure techniques as well with a specialized music and stimulating Aroma Therapy.


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