Successful Treatments of Chronic Back, Neck, Joint Pain, Neuropathy or other Pain-Related Conditions!

How it Works

A series of personal exercises and stretches, practiced regularly, will relieve your pain. Antje begins by carefully evaluating your posture and imbalances. A private posture alignment therapy session includes health intake history, posture analysis, photos, gait analysis and functional test. She develops a detailed menu of exercises designed to correct imbalances in your body, along with step-by-step instructions. Antje provides written exercises with photos in PDF format. As you practice the exercises and your posture changes, Antje re-evaluates your posture and may make changes to your exercises to continue to build on your progress.

Virtual Posture Therapy Sessions for chronic pain (such as back, shoulder, neck, knee, hip and foot pain)

with Antje Waxman, Certified Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS I and II), certified Smovey Coach and Nordic Walking Instructor. The Specialized Method has a 95% success rate in reducing chronic pain without drugs or surgery. Antje has helped hundreds of clients restore health, live pain-free and return to functional fitness.

The Goal of Postural Alignment Therapy

A body that is healthy, functional and pain-free comes from proper postural alignment, joint positions and function. When the body is out of alignment it begins to compensate for imbalances causing muscle tightness, decreased flexibility, and eventually the onset of pain. These compensations cause wear and tear of joint degeneration at any age. Postural Alignment Therapy is designed to carefully look at these underlying causes of pain, instead of only treating symptoms. This provides lasting pain relief and a return to your body's pain-free original design and functioning.

Free 30-minute virtual (Zoom) posture screening

Antje offers free 30-minute individual posture screenings and consultations

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