smoveyPOWER TURQUOISE - 4 balls

smoveyPOWER TURQUOISE - 4 balls

smoveyPOWER TURQUOISE - 4 balls

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The smoveyPOWER is an oscillating ring system consisting of a spiral hose, 4 steel balls and a handle system that allows the balls to run through the entire hose.

By swinging the rings forwards, backwards or in a circle, the steel balls begin to move as a free mass and create the typical smovey vibration by rolling over the spiral webs.

In addition to the usual effects of momentum and vibration , every dynamic is possible with smoveyPOWER , for even more intensive and flexible training with smovey!

A box contains: 

- 1 pair of smoveyPOWER Green 

- Training DVD

- Testimonials Brochure

- smoveyFACTS

- smoveyBOOKLET



- Dynamic further development of the smoveyCLASSIC

- Weight approx. 2 x 0.5 kg

- Round

- Balls run through

- 4 steel balls

- Suitable for strength, dance and running training