smoveyGLOW in the dark (Member Discount)

smoveyGLOW in the dark (Member Discount)

smoveyGLOW in the dark (Member Discount)

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Unique smoveyGLOW VIBROSWING-System

Box Includes: Set of 2 Rings, Training DVD, and Training Manual Booklet

FLUORESCENT Lights up by itself after irradiation with light!

Just put it in the light before training and charge it for about 10 minutes , then the smovey will light up automatically during your short walk or outdoor training, depending on the charge and light intensity.

smoveyGLOW in the dark is a unique training and therapy device with Austrian identity.

- Activates the muscles 

- Vitalises the body cells 

- Tightens the connective tissue 

- Mobilizes the digestive system 

- Promotes the metabolism 

- Massages the lymphatic system 

- Strengthens the immune system 

- Strengthens the cardiovascular system


- Especially suitable for aqua training

- High quality adhesive, therefore waterproof

- Also suitable for use in salt water

- Dries fast

- Easy to clean


smoveyGLOW for all Neurological Disorders and Orthopedic Benefits

smoveyGLOW is our new updated version of the smoveyCLASSIC which is now also available for the US market and comes in the US - Edition with additional Exercise DVD’s for helping especially people with Parkinson’s Disease and all Neurological disorders.

Neurologists have seen remarkable improvements with smoveyAqua in use by patients suffering with trauma or neurological conditions, particularly those with neurological conditions and the elderly. 

smoveyGLOW is like the classic with 4 steel balls and making vibrations due to the ergonomically shaped solid grip more concentrated and even more intensive and works very well for active training as well as for passive treatments and part of our ZRT Therapy.

People with limited mobility and especially with neurological conditions are getting great results when integrating  the smoveyGLOW VIBROSWING-System into their Therapy training!

This new form of training for all ages and target groups improves endurance, strength, and flexibility, relaxes the spine, joints, ligaments, and tendons. And it’s FUN!